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Dave Lalande GPTs: AI Agents

Our Journey in Gaming: AI Tiny Games - At AI Tiny Games, we've redefined gaming with our library of 120+ GPT-powered simulators, games, and literary extensions. Born from the vision of a seasoned technologist, our journey began in the early 1990s BBS era, evolving into a powerhouse of digital innovation.

  • Our Unique Blend: Each game is a character in itself, offering a unique blend of adventure, mystery, and learning. We've pioneered the integration of text-based gaming with cutting-edge AI, creating a diverse and interactive narrative experience.

  • Educational and Cultural Immersion: Our games aren't just for entertainment; they're educational tools, subtly woven with educational elements across various subjects. We dive deeply into different cultures and phenomena, from historical mysteries to mythological explorations.

  • Advanced Gaming Features:

    • Interactive Storytelling: Our GPT-powered narratives evolve with your choices, offering a new story each time.

    • Multi-Modal Experience: We combine text, voice, and visuals for a complete sensory experience.

    • Real-World Integration: Blending facts with entertainment for a unique learning experience.

    • Adaptive Difficulty: Games adjust to your skill level, welcoming players of all ages and backgrounds.

Introducing Instant SEO: Revolutionizing Business Presence Online Our latest innovation, Instant SEO, is a testament to our commitment to merging technology with practical applications. This standalone product is designed to transform your business's online presence with our expertise in SEO and design.

  • Professional-Grade Logo Creation: We craft high-quality logos that embody simplicity, versatility, and uniqueness, essential for a solid visual identity.

  • SEO-Driven Design: Our designs go beyond aesthetics, integrating SEO strategies to enhance your business's online visibility.

  • Business Directory Listing: Your logo and business information are listed on, providing extra exposure and linking to your website.

  • Customization and Interaction: Experience real-world client interactions with high customization options in logo design.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Our platform is designed for ease of use, allowing businesses of all sizes to benefit from our services.

  • Safe and Professional: We ensure a moderated environment, listing only legitimate businesses and adhering to strict content guidelines.


Vision for the Future
As AI Tiny Games evolves, our vision focuses on breaking new ground in gaming, education, and technology. We aim to constantly introduce innovative modalities and experiences, embracing the rapid advancements in AI. With the integration of Instant SEO, we're offering immersive gaming experiences and practical, cutting-edge solutions for businesses aiming to excel in the digital world.

Looking ahead, we're excited about the potential of using increasingly intelligent GPT models to intertwine gameplay with research. Imagine games that don't just entertain but also serve as gateways to learning and discovery, offering insights through interactive and engaging narratives. We aim to harness AI's power to transform how information and knowledge are experienced and explored.

Join Us in Our World of GPTs and Beyond
We invite you to participate in this thrilling journey with AI Tiny Games and Instant SEO. Step into a future where gaming transcends traditional boundaries and becomes a tool for knowledge and growth. With us, experience gaming in ways you never thought possible and elevate your business presence with our expert SEO services. Here, the potential is limitless, and the possibilities are bright. Join us, and let's explore this new frontier together.

As we eagerly await the advancement of our technology, we're gearing up for an exciting venture. We aim to transform 1,000 carefully curated prompts into captivating videos, using the latest modalities to bring them to life. The key to this endeavor lies in the quality of the prompts we gather, and that's where your contribution becomes invaluable.

Every prompt you submit is not just appreciated; it's a vital piece of our creative puzzle. We're diligently building a prompt database, and your input plays a crucial role. To find out which of our games support image prompt uploading, please refer to the 'GPT Image Prompts' section above.

Your contributions are the seeds from which our project will grow, and we're genuinely grateful for each one. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey.

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