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Crazy Characters

Incoming Image Prompt: (We are rolling out Incoming scene video prompts below image)

Imagine a vibrant and colorful character named Ziggy the Zany Zephyr. Ziggy is the essence of a playful whirlwind, with a core swirling in neon green and electric blue. His large, expressive eyes are filled with glittering specks of gold, giving him a look of mischief and invitation. Ziggy's limbs are like streams of wind, showing his flexibility and flowing nature, perfect for performing astonishing acrobatics. He dons a magical cape that changes colors according to his mood, showcasing a spectrum from sunny yellows to deep purples. His signature move, the 'Zephyr Zoom,' involves him spinning rapidly to create a mini tornado, embodying the spirit of fun and freedom. This character is designed to spread cheer and creativity, making him an ideal mascot.

Sample DALL·E image created with the incoming image prompt:

Below are gameplay video prompts created by your Tiny Corp AI GPT and uploaded to match the scene of the image above.  These video prompts can be fed back into AI APIs (Sora, ElevenLabs and more) to create their piece of your gameplay or simulation video.

GPT Gamplay Scene Video Prompt 

Gameplay Audio Prompt

Gameplay Music Prompt

Gameplay Dialogue Prompt

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