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To the Lighthouse: Tides of Change

Incoming Image Prompt: (We are rolling out Incoming scene video prompts below image)

A serene seascape during twilight, with a vintage lighthouse on a distant cliff, reflecting Virginia Woolf's thematic style. Waves gently touching the shore, symbolizing the passage of time and change. The sky is painted with soft pastel colors of pink, blue, and lilac, evoking a sense of calm and introspection. The scene captures the essence of personal growth and the transformative power of nature, reminiscent of 'To the Lighthouse' by Virginia Woolf.

Sample DALL·E image created with the incoming image prompt:

Below are gameplay video prompts created by your Tiny Corp AI GPT and uploaded to match the scene of the image above.  These video prompts can be fed back into AI APIs (Sora, ElevenLabs and more) to create their piece of your gameplay or simulation video.

GPT Gamplay Scene Video Prompt 

Gameplay Audio Prompt

Gameplay Music Prompt

Gameplay Dialogue Prompt

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