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Tarzan of the Apes: Forest Echoes

Incoming Image Prompt: (We are rolling out Incoming scene video prompts below image)

Tarzan engaged in a knowledge exchange with a group of explorers in the African jungle. The scene captures the mutual respect and fascination between them. Tarzan, intrigued and attentive, listens and learns about the wider world, while the explorers are amazed by his deep understanding of the jungle. The interaction is peaceful, with the explorers showing maps, tools, and specimens, and Tarzan demonstrating his knowledge of plants and animals. The backdrop is the lush jungle, symbolizing the bridge between Tarzan's world and that of the explorers.

Sample DALL·E image created with the incoming image prompt:

Below are gameplay video prompts created by your Tiny Corp AI GPT and uploaded to match the scene of the image above.  These video prompts can be fed back into AI APIs (Sora, ElevenLabs and more) to create their piece of your gameplay or simulation video.

GPT Gamplay Scene Video Prompt 

Gameplay Audio Prompt

Gameplay Music Prompt

Gameplay Dialogue Prompt

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