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Buried in the Jungle: Uncovering a Hidden City

120-in-1 Games, Simulations and Literature

AutoGen2 Expert: The Game

Room Raider: The Cost Estimator

Crazy Characters

Design Dreamer: Room Stylist

The Great Gatsby: Roaring Twenties Adventure

Step into the opulent world of 'The Great Gatsby', experiencing the glamour, intrigue, and drama of the 1920s. Navigate through the complexities of social hierarchies, unrequited love, and the American Dream.

Echoes of Culture: Waves that Shaped Us

Explore and influence the sweeping currents of cultural phenomena from Beatlemania to the digital age of influencers. Engage in simulations, strategic decision-making, and narrative journeys through the most iconic and transformative cultural moments.

Now and Then: Classics in the Modern World

Journey through a reimagined world where classic literary characters from the public domain confront today's challenges. Guide Sherlock Holmes through modern-day mysteries or assist Dracula in navigating the complexities of the 21st century.

What If: Chronicles of Altered Histories

Delve into alternate realities where key historical and mythological events have different outcomes. Explore a world where Rome never fell or mythical creatures roam the modern streets. Each decision players make shapes the narrative of these reimagined worlds.

Viral Ascent: The Social Media Mogul

Step into the fast-paced world of social media, where players strive to become a viral sensation. From crafting engaging content to mastering the art of public relations, experience the thrills and challenges of becoming a social media mogul.

Decoding Art Mysteries: The Curator's Enigma

Explore the world's most famous art pieces, dive deep into their hidden stories, unravel controversies, and solve intricate puzzles related to lost or legendary artworks. Discover what truly lies beneath the brushstrokes of history's greatest masterpieces.

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